11:25 - 12:05

12 NOVEMBER 2020 Day 2

Optimising services with data sharing

Putting collaboration and data sharing at the heart of MaaS
Identifying the data that cities are willing to share and establishing what incentives are required for private stakeholders to share with the public sector
Establishing a shared data framework and components
Look to adjacent revenue opportunities including. deliveries, logistics, retail, selling data to create a suite of commercial services
Identifying new revenue opportunities, sharing or protecting their data and working collaboratively with other private partners to explore and develop new routes to profitability


Speaker: Sergio Fernández Balaguer, Research and Innovation Projects, EMT Madrid

12:05- 12:45

12 NOVEMBER 2020 Day 2

5G, Future mobility, connected and autonomous vehicles

West Midlands Innovation and Future Mobility Testbed
Offering travel credit to the public to switch to public transport
Deploying 5G to meet immediate needs and integrating smart ticketing into the google pay wallet
Testing how demand responsive transit can solve real world problems
Developing a new traveller segmentation model to understand customers and the impact of new mobility schemes including on-demand services and mobility as a service on transport use


Speaker: John Paddington, Innovation Integration Lead, Transport for West Midlands

14:00 -14:40

12 NOVEMBER 2020 Day 2

Creating solutions for Urban Mobility

Hamburg Case Study
Challenges of a city
Strategic approach to urban mobility of the future
Enabling Automated and Integrated Urban Public Transport Service
Micro Hubs and mobility platform


Speaker: Sascha Westermann, Head of ITS PMO, ITS Hamburg

14:40 - 15:20

12 NOVEMBER 2020 Day 2

Leveraging data to optimise transport

Improving the user experience and forecasting future developments
Using data analytics to optimise transport
Understand on-demand transport analyses including line performance studies and zone reports to make better data-driven decisions
Promoting interaction between suppliers, aggregators, developers to create more accurate data
Understanding future transport demand for public and private suppliers

15:50 - 16:30

12 NOVEMBER 2020 Day 2

Funding for micro mobility start-ups

Successfully building a fast-growing micromobility company
Creating rapid growth for scooters and micro modal options
Successfully building a fast growing mobility company
Creating efficient operations with scalable infrastructure and positive unit economics
Addressing regulations and safety concerns

16:30 - 17:10

12 NOVEMBER 2020 Day 2

Successful public private partnerships

Using data to increase multimodality and transport solutions
Accelerating the development of new mobility products
Successfully collecting, aggregating and critically analysing data
Increasing research and development for new mobility products and services
Working successfully in partnerships

11:00 -11:40

11 NOVEMBER 2020 Day 1

Demand forecasting and multimodal modelling

Effective scenario simulation

Closing the gap between theory and reality in multi-modal and effectively  implementing mobility services platforms

Understanding the multimodal world: identifying key market dynamics

Accurate demand forecasting for urban and regional transport

Creating an effective transportation forecasting system for planning urban and regional transport


Speaker: Patrizia Franco, Senior Technologist in Transport Modelling, Transport Systems Catapult

11:40 -12:20

11 NOVEMBER 2020 Day 1

Harnessing Technology for RTPI

Establishing effective system frameworks
Connecting and delivering ticketing and real time passenger information
Rapid adoption from consumers - how to streamline uptake of new technologies
A new paradigm for passenger management, customer service and the journey experience
Safety and security for passengers, staff and systems


Speaker: Pierre-André Rulmont, CIO, STIB-MIVB

12:20 - 13:00

11 NOVEMBER 2020 Day 1

Boosting ridership with first/last mile solutions

Providing affordable and flexible multimodal options for customers
Focus on personal mobility options: integrating micromobility for rural and outlying city areas
Offering affordable, flexible alternatives to private car use to overcome first mile/last mile challenges
Understanding how technologies and services will be used differently
Providing flexible, responsive bus service that keep pace up with consumer preferences


Speaker: Jeff Marootian, Director, District Department of Transportation, Washington

14:20 - 15:00

11 NOVEMBER 2020 Day 1

Enabling positive behaviour change

Translating behaviour into data to facilitate improved decision making
Understanding passenger preferences and providing options
Providing incentives to change behaviour
Bringing carbon emission reduction to the forefront of decision-making
Providing customised door-to-door transport solutions


Speaker: Francesco Iacorossi, Project Manager, Roma Servizi per la Mobilita

15:00 - 15:40

11 NOVEMBER 2020 Day 1

Flow Analytics for improved planning

Passenger flow analytics to monitor and predict transport demand
Visualising flows of people on scales ranging from single stations to citywide transportation networks
Implementing people flow technologies to ensure safety and optimise timetable
Improving transport services through passenger movement data analytics
Using passenger flow analysis and data in urban planning and infrastructure development


Speaker: Rob Roemers, Manager BI Solutions, STIB-MIVB