Interviews with attendees

Intelligent Transport Conference gathers industry-leading figures to learn about new technology and share best practice. We spoke to both delegates and speakers to investigate the trends, threats and technologies that are impacting the transport sector…

Tram and bikes on Helsinki street

Finland in focus: where mobility meets sustainability

Finland is considered a leader in the implementation of MaaS and is also at the forefront of sustainable mobility efforts. At 2019’s Intelligent Transport Conference, Editor Luke Antoniou spoke to Laura Eiro, Program Director at ITS Finland, about a new concept that is coming to the foreground across the world’s transport networks – Mobility-as-a-Sustainable-Service.

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Understanding MaaS and the emerging circular economy of mobility

The Intelligent Transport Conference 2019 included a speech by Robin Chase, Co-founder and former CEO of Zipcar, exploring Mobility-as-a-Service and the challenges and opportunities of urban mobility. Intelligent Transport’s Luke Antoniou spoke with Robin to gain her insight into future possibilities for the industry and discuss her passion for active transport modes.

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Manchester Tram

What is mobility like in Manchester?

Intelligent Transport’s Sam Mehmet spoke with Sean Dyball and Rachel Hutchins from Transport for Greater Manchester at the Intelligent Transport Conference 2019, about the current progressions and challenges within the mobility sector in Manchester.

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Women In Transport

Diversifying the transport workforce

Speaking to Intelligent Transport’s Sam Mehmet at 2019’s Intelligent Transport Conference, Jo Field, Board Member of Women in Transport, gave an insight into the non-profit organisation’s work around diversity in the transportation sector, and how it plans to grow and further expand its reach in the future.

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Bus passenger on smartphone

The rise and rise of mobile ticketing in public transport

Speaking to Intelligent Transport at 2019’s Intelligent Transport Conference, Ashley Murdoch, CEO at Corethree, explains how collaboration fosters the spirit of innovation in public transport, how mobile proved itself as the ticket of choice for consumers, and what comes next in connecting people with places.

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Bergen Tram

Bergen: the autonomous light rail project

Intelligent Transport’s Sam Mehmet caught up with Johan C. Haveland, Director of Passenger Transportation at the Bybanen Bergen light rail, at the Intelligent Transport Conference 2019, to find out more about the prospect of Bergen, Norway becoming home to Europe’s first autonomous light rail system.

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