TU Delft

Menno Yap, Researcher

Menno Yap is working as PhD researcher in the Smart Public Transport Lab at the Delft University of Technology, department of Transport & Planning, the Netherlands. His research focuses on measuring, predicting and controlling the impact of disruptions in public transport from a passenger perspective. He develops and applies data-driven models to predict how passengers react when confronted with public transport disruptions, using a range of methods from the field of network science, agent-based simulation, machine learning and discrete choice modelling. Especially better understanding and modelling passenger behaviour during disruptions have his interest. Next to his PhD research, he works as Public Transport Modeller for Transport for London. Previously he worked as public transport consultant in the Netherlands. In his spare time he volunteers as tram driver in the Netherlands.Menno holds his MSc in Transport, Infrastructure and Logistics (Hons), and his BSc in Systems Engineering, Policy Analysis and Management (Hons).