Brighton and Hove Buses

Patrick Warner, Head of Innovation Strategy

Patrick is ambitious, highly motivated professional with a real passion for public transport and I am a real advocate for active travel and the many positive impacts and strategic benefits that a well designed high quality multi-modal transport network can contribute to the local economy, improved air quality, reduced congestion and more productive use of road networks, employment and learning opportunities, public health, accessibility for all and digital connectivity and productivity.

My career experience spans four sectors; Retail – where I learned a great deal about people management, customer service and how to sell products and services. Automotive – where I learned how to motivate teams of people to be more efficient, commercially productive and an ability to communicate technical information in a manner that people from outside the industry will understand. Politics – where I learned how to communicate with and influence people at all levels of local and national government, deal with media and run campaigns to gain support from the electorate. Public Transport – where I have experienced my most varied role yet, managing and developing relationships with multiple stakeholders, developing new business streams, turning underperforming parts of the business around, leading, coaching and motivating teams, marketing and rebranding services and embracing new and emerging technologies which can be applied not only in the bus industry but across the transport sector in various modes.