Amsterdam City

Rachel Tienkamp-Beishuizen, Head of Traffic Management

My main characteristic is my enthusiasm. I love to give energy and invigorate others. I see life as an adventure; I want to experience new things, learn new things and stimulate others to stout-heartedly just do things: without fear and enjoying the ride!

As a manager of a team responsible for traffic management for the municipality of Amsterdam, I use this enthusiasm to bring out the best in my team. One of the numerous projects my team focuses on is SAIL Amsterdam and managing the traffic in and around Amsterdam during this huge event.

With my Master's degree in Social and Business Psychology, I laid the foundation of managing talent in my work. I am intrigued by the intrinsic motivation of others and seeking ways to improve people’s performance and happiness in their jobs. This facilitating management style is characteristic for not only my way of working, but also my way of living.

I have been married to Laurens for six years now, and we live in Amsterdam. I love fashion - especially shoes and making my own dresses. I'm addicted to Thai food, love going to festivals, dancing in the sun with Laurens and my friends, and living life to the fullest.